Diapers - Tips on Changing Diapers

Tips on Changing Diapers

Diapers have changed considerably over the years, and offer many benefits to parents of newborns. But even it seems to be easy to use them, parents should remember several main rules about changing diapers.

Newborn kids need fresh diapers about 10 times per day, whereas older infants each 3-4 hours.

Baby’s diaper should be changed:

  • Before or after feeding, breastfeeding;
  • Each time after BM;
  • Before sleeping;
  • When your baby wakes up;
  • Before leaving the house.

In fact it is easy to become an expert at changing diapers of your baby . You should just keep definite rules:

  1. Prepare everything you will need for diapering: clean diapers, warm water, a lot of baby wipes or a warm, wet washcloth, baby powder or lotion and a towel.
  2. Find a right place for diapering. It should be stable and secure table or bed.
  3. Make the process of diapering really fun and build it up as a great thing. You can try to talk to a child, to play a game, to use books or some bright things.
  4. Baby can roll off the changing table, so do never leave your baby even for a short time!
  5. After unfastening the diaper, use it to wipe away most of a bowel movement, from front to back. Lift the baby's legs up in one hand and slide the diaper underneath the bottom with the other.
  6. Wipe your baby clean and bath him/her if needed. Pay attention that boys should be bathed from the back to the front, whereas girls should be bathed from the front to the back.
  7. Pat your baby dry with a towel.
  8. Afterwards you can use baby powder or lotion. Let it dry.
  9. Lay the clean diaper flat, with the tabs at the back. Slide the diaper under your baby while holding baby’s legs up. Bring the front up between his legs and tuck it around his stomach. Unpeel the tabs, pull them firmly over the front flap and fasten the diaper.
  10. Be sure not to fasten the tape to your baby's skin. The diaper should fit snugly, but it shouldn't be tight.

Read the package of the diapers before buying. Usually there is written a size and approximately available weight of a baby. It should help to choose the diapers that fit your baby well. Comfortable diapers are very important for child health. Some diapers have special pictures that start to become apparent when the diaper should be changed.

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