Personal space for a child: how to design a nursery?

Personal space for a child

Psychologists admit that personal space is necessary for children, beginning from the age of four. It is not hard to find a place for a child, even in a narrow apartment. You should simply remember about security, choose materials carefully and use your imagination.

Designing a nursery, you should pay exclusive attention on the floor. Soft carpeting fits perfectly well to children, who are learning to walk. It shouldn’t be light because otherwise it would get useless pretty fast. For older children, specialists recommend to set floors of wood. We’re talking about soft, warm and practically non-skid boards. Even though they are pretty expensive, their qualities explain he high price.

The ceiling can also be a space for creativity. Many parents decorate the ceiling with images of heroes of fairytales, funny pictures or views of starry sky. The easiest way to do this is to buy a suspended ceiling, which may be replaced later. The best thing for walls is to paint them in shadeless light color. Making a surface for drawing might turn into a practical idea as well.

Choosing furniture, pay the most attention on its safety. It should not have sharp corners or bulging screws. For little children, a bed, a chest of drawers for clothes and a drawer for toys are pretty enough. In most cases, children prefer drawing on the floor. As the child grows up, additional pieces of furniture can be easily bought and installed if needed.

If you need some certain nursery ideas, you could always browse the web. For instance, contains a lot of pictures and advices relating nursery designs for little boys and girls. Whether you want a classical nursery with stuffed animals or an original sport-relating one, the photographs are to help you to decide what you actually want and what colors you will use as you decorate personal room for your lovely child.

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