Best Home Pregnancy Tests

Best Home Pregnancy Tests

Could you be pregnant? There are a lot of symptoms that can show you that, but at the first days after missing your period they are quite hard to notice.

One of the best ways to check the possible pregnancy is home pregnancy test. Nowadays there is a great amount of them. The majority maintains a 99% accuracy rate. And you can buy them in any drugstore. Pregnancy test shows the presence or absence of human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG), that can be found just in the urine of pregnant woman. HCG is made when a fertilized egg implants in the uterus. That happens approximately in 6 days after conception. That’s why scientists say that the best time for getting an accurate result while using a pregnancy test is one week after missing a period. You can also find some so called extra sensitive pregnancy tests that can be used before having a missed period.

Here are the main types of home pregnancy tests:

Digital display. In fact digital display pregnancy test works in the same way like other pregnancy tests. The woman should urinate on the test strip, lay it on the flat surface and wait several minutes. The only difference is that as a result the test shows not just the lines or some signs (+/-), but the words «Pregnant»/ «Not pregnant» or «Yes»/«No».

Collection cup. Collect your urine into the cup. Read the directions: by some tests it is enough to drop a few of urine on the test device, by other ones you should put a test strip into a cup full with your urine. In several minutes you will see a result. Some test strips change the color, other show some signs like +/- or lines (1 line for no pregnancy and 2 lines if you are pregnant).

Urine stream. Pee directly onto the stick. The directions will say you how the test indicates the result and how long you should hold the stick under the urine stream.

It is important to catch a "midstream sample", letting out a little bit of urine first, and then using the rest of your urine for the test. That concerns all types of pregnancy tests.

Which brands of pregnancy tests are the best?

University of New Mexico at Albuquerque has studied most popular brands of home pregnancy tests: Answer, hCG, Accuclear, Babycheck, Surecheck, Predictor, Persona and Ovatel, ClearBlue Easy, First Response. According to their report, the most sensitive home pregnancy tests are First Response Early Result and Clear Blue Easy.

The First Response Early Result Pregnancy Test was also pointed out as the most accurate and easiest in use by "Consumer Reports" among other 18 pregnancy test brands.

There is one more way to detect pregnancy – pregnancy blood test. It shows 100% result. But nevertheless the majority of women choose home pregnancy tests as the most comfortable and quick ones.

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