Pregnancy Fitness - Exercise Ball

Pregnancy Fitness

Doing exercise ball workouts during pregnancy trains and develops flexibility, strengthens different groups of muscles, relieves back pain and improves functioning of the cardiovascular system, blood pressure and circulation.

Exercise balls are safe and effective props for doing safe exercises while pregnant, but nevertheless it is better to get your doctor's approval before you start.

Recently pregnancy was treated like a temporary disability. Some people adhere to this opinion so far. But according to the researches, women exercising while pregnancy, give birth to babies with higher vital rates than those who are chilling out during their pregnancy.

What is the secret of fit ball? While moving it creates vibrations that stimulate the various systems and organs: stomach, liver, adrenal, kidney, intestines. Getting on exercise ball during pregnancy helps decrease pregnancy discomforts and prepare the body for labor and birth.

The main ball exercises for pregnant are:

Exercise with ball #11) While in a sitting position, try rhythmically bouncing on the ball to strengthen leg and abdominal muscles. To make this exercise more difficult you can try to start turning your torso to the right and to the left, lift the hands up and down. This exercise is good for pelvic area.

Exercise with ball #22) Place the ball on the floor in front of you and lean across it, knees on the floor, arms and shoulders draped over the ball. Make sure your belly hangs off the ball. There should be no weight pressing on the stomach. Try to find the most comfortable position to relax your low back muscles and shoulders. In this position pregnant woman improves her maternal, fetal and renal circulation systems, relieves her back pain.

Exercise with ball #33) Sit straight on the floor and place your ball between the knees. Squeeze ball with your knees, hold for several seconds and then release it. This exercise is good for inner thighs.

Exercise with ball #44) Sit on the ball and concentrate on contracting and releasing your inner pelvic muscles. It should feel like you would want to stop urine form flowing.

We would advise you to take your exercise ball with you to hospital. It is the best way to relax and to get rid of pain. While having contractions sit on the ball with your feet flat on the floor about hip-width apart. Start to performing stretches and shift your pelvic area slightly forward and back. It will help to relieve the pain. Scientists say that while sitting on the fit ball relaxed, pregnant woman even starts breathing calmer. It helps the lung to send more oxygen to the blood as required by the body and thus helps to achieve deeper breath and protect the fetus from oxygen deprivation.

Each pregnant woman should find out which positions on the fit ball are the most relaxing for her. It’s the best way to distract from the contractions and to get rid of pain. And moreover it is such a fun to work with exercise ball.

There are many ways to use your birth ball as a tool for exercising once you have had your baby and want to get back in shape.

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