How to potty train a toddler

How to potty train a toddler

Present pediatricians consider that each toddler should be individually trained to use the potty according to his age. Most kids are ready for this by the age of 1,5-2 years. Exactly at this age toddlers can already bear a couple of minutes to reach the potty. But it should be remembered that every child is different.

There are some clues for you to know when a toddler is ready for potty training process. Here they are:

  • When he/she models himself/herself on you;
  • When the toddler shows you his/her independence;
  • When a toddler can move, sit down and bend down with confidence;
  • When he or she can tell you about his/her wish to go to the toilet;
  • When the toddler can pull his/her pants up and down;
  • When a toddler is able to stay dry for a couple of hours.

There are also some advices for parents:

  • Choosing a potty, remember that it should be stable and secure as well as having appeal for your toddler. Let your child touch and examine it.
  • Place the potty where your toddler will see it.
  • Be patient and do not show the anger if the toddler develops a fear of going potty. Let him/her get used to it.
  • At first put your toddler from time to time on the potty with clothes on. This will help him to get used to it. Do not force your child to sit on the potty. Thus your toddler may refuse to use the potty in future.
  • Put your toddler on potty at regular times throughout the day and evening (for instance, after sleeping time, dinner, before or after being outside). It’s very important to praise him/her for every successful potty use, especially if the toddler does this on his own initiative.
  • A lot of toddlers are curious to watch another people going to toilet. Take your kid with you into bathroom and let him/her see how you do that. And if your toddler will show interest in trying to sit on the WC pan, buy a child-sized seat cover on the toilet and allow him/her to try it out.

Do not start potty training process if:

  1. The child is ill, or got used to be ill;
  2. The family moves;
  3. There is a new-born in the family;
  4. If there is negative emotional climate in the family caused by divorce or death of a parent.


Bedwetting is a natural part of development, over time kids grow out of it. Then it’s better to get rid of diapers, and start laying a protective covering for the night in the bed of your toddler to be on the safe side.

You should not wake your child in the night to make him sit on the potty. It will just lead to the dream disturbance. It will also be useless to not give your kid to drink before sleeping. It will not prevent bedwetting, however may be injurious to child health.

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